eleven is a full-service agency based near Zurich, Switzerland, offering a wide range of services from brand management, creative direction and design to textile production and merchandising. The combination of a clear brand strategy, inspiring design and the right products helps brands attract audiences and target groups.

eleven has been working for different clients in various fields, such as the outdoor, action sports, consumer goods and telecommunication industry, for almost two decades. The agency has earned an excellent reputation for bringing brands alive across multiple channels. From the visual identity to the product in the hands of the target group, eleven works hard and deeply cares about the work they do.

eleven turns good ideas into great products.


In 1998, Franz Bittmann was looking for technical snowboard clothes. But what he found on the market didn’t meet his expectations. So, at the age of 22, he started his own company. Over the years, the brand eleven developed into one of the most innovative European snowboard and ski clothing enterprises. The brand quickly established itself in over 17 countries throughout Europe and North America and was on the shelves of over 300 shops.

Beside design and sales the management decided to keep the entire marketing and branding in-house to keep the brand authentic and vital. An excellent design department combined with the deep knowledge of production and market mechanisms resulted in increasing requests from a variety of industries. In 2011, the management decided to focus completely on this new business unit.

Today, eleven works as a full-service agency for customers such as Salt Communications, Red Bull, doodah, Swiss Ski, Scott, Credit Suisse and the Swiss society for organization. In 2010, eleven founded the kid outerwear label namuk, which can be purchased worldwide through its own web shop and in selected stores.


Strategy and Brand Management

Brand management aims to create an emotional connection between products, brands and customers. The foundation of successful brand building is a profound understanding of the brand and its customers.

eleven develops brand frameworks that allow to effectively steer brands towards the targeted brand positioning and create value. Bringing your brand to life starts by defining its voice, through product design and is completed with details such as packaging design.

What we offer

  • Branding concepts
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand story and messaging
  • Art and creative direction
  • Research and market analysis

Concept and Design

The concept establishes a firm link between the targeted brand positioning and the final products. It sets parameters such as fabric choice, color themes or visual language. The design process starts where conceptual description ends. eleven transforms its clients’ ideas into shape and creates everything from corporate identity to complete collection designs.

The creative team has nearly two decades of experience in designing functional outdoor clothing, streetwear and accessories.

What we offer

  • Collection concepts
  • Full production packages
  • Color and fabric concepts
  • Product designs
  • Technical drawings
  • Trim concepts
  • Sketches

Development and Production

Ideas are what you make of them. eleven teams up with long-term production partners in Asia and Europe in order to handle the manufacturing process for its clients from thread to zed. An extraordinary high standard of quality and compliance with strict regulations in social and ecological criteria are central for the agency, just as they are for its customers.

eleven handles the production of more than 100,000 items in Asia and Europe every year for its customers, including all production documents, quality control and logistics in Switzerland and the EU, if needed.

What we offer

  • Techpacks
  • Bom’s
  • Measurement tables
  • Production supervision
  • QCM
  • Logistics, import
  • Pick and pack



eleven GmbH
Schönaustrasse 15
CH-8652 Wetzikon // Switzerland
info@eleven.ch // +41 44 558 37 38

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